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Cherry Poppers 

Do you like hurting other people?

Small Gang PVP

Cherry Poppers enjoys small gang warfare in Lowsec where piloting skill and team work is valued above SP or isk.

New Bro Friendly

Been around for long enough to know you like to destroy other peoples toys and need some guidence.  We are happy to help you find your niche, logi, frigates or the big stuff. We have old bitter vets just looking for fresh ideas and a good fight. 


The only requirements are: 5 Million SP and a willingness to die in battle. Good (and dark) sense of humour a must. Not caring about your or our killboard stats and a "Take that fight" Attitude.

SPR and Support

We provide a SRP program for our doctrine fits and FC'd fleets. Keep you in hulls and able to get back into the fight no matter your level of income. 


Specialized Logistic wing, fully supported with SRP for all our beloved logi pilots who want to save lives and win fights. 



Want to join in on the Fun? Click below for more info on how to apply and get in on the fights. 

Cherry Poppers - EVE Low Sec Pirates,
Low Sec Shannanigans